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M Dance Policies & FAQs

If you'd like more information about a policy, or have additional questions, email Misty and expect a speedy personal response!

Blue Circle General Policies Blue Circle

& Procedures


  • Must be 18 or older
  • Online preregistration required. No drop-ins.
  • Mix locations, classes, instructors however you choose.
  • Packages cannot be shared.
  • No refunds. No credits for missed or unused classes.
  • No free package extensions or holds
  • Class schedule subject to change.

Cancellation Policy

  • Early cancel policy is 8 hrs before class M-F, 24 hrs S-Su
  • Early cancels will be credited back to your account
  • Late cancel and no show classes are forfeited. NO exceptions.


  • If a spot opens up, the system will automatically add you to class and send you a confirmation email. (Opt in!)
  • If you receive an email, you are confirmed even though the class will show as unconfirmed on your schedule.
  • You can be added to class from the waitlist up to the early cancellation deadline for the class. If you can no longer attend, you must early cancel or forfeit the class.

Unlimited Packages

  • Preregistration required for each class
  • Early cancellation policy must be followed
  • $10 fee for each late cancel after 4 per 30-days
  • $15 fee for each no show

Blue Circle F.A.Q.s Blue Circle

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Classes

Can I take a free trial class?
No, but you can observe a class. To schedule an observation, email Misty

Do I have sign up in advance?
Yes. Online preregistration and payment are required. View schedule & sign up
How much are your classes?
Affordable! You won't find better classes for a better value in NYC. See class packages and specials

How can I buy classes for a friend?
Gift certificates are available starting at just $20.

Choosing Classes

What classes do you offer?
Zumba, Hop Hop, Burlesque and more so you never get bored. See all classes

Which class is best for total beginners?
Zumba is a great place to start, but our supportive instructors make every class beginner friendly by encouraging students to work at their own pace and creating an environment where they feel comfortable doing so. Also, the more you come, the easier it gets.

How often should I take class to get fit?
Results depend on many factors including diet, genetics and how hard you work out, but in general, if you take 3-4 classes a week and eat sensibly, you should lose weight and improve tone. Remember exercise has great benefits beyond the physical, including boosting your mood and reducing stress.

Can you help me decide what to take?
Sure! Get personalized advice now


Preparing for Class

How far in advance should I sign up?
Same-day reservations are often available, especially around 5 or 5:30pm, but a week in advance is best.

Do people usually get in off the waitlist?
Yes! Please see waitlist policies above.

What should I wear?
Whatever you're comfortable in! Most people wear t-shirts (with a sports bra) and yoga-style pants.

What shoes do you recommend?
Dance sneakers or light cross trainers.

Arriving for Class

How do I find my class?
We rent, so you won't see M Dance & Fitness signs. The address/floor for each class is listed on the schedule, and the desk staff can tell you which studio. 

Will I need my receipt or confirmation?
Not as long as you preregistered and received a confirmation email.

Is water available?
Yes. All studios have either water for sale or water fountains. 

Any changing area, lockers or showers?
It’s  best to come dressed for class if possible. Otherwise, you may change in the restrooms, but they are small. No showers or lockers. You’ll bring everything with you into class.

Taking Class

How many people will be in the class?
15-20 students, depending on the size of the studio. We make sure everyone has plenty of space.

What are your students like?
Most are beginners. All are friendly, supportive and here to have fun!

What if I feel pain in or after class?
Pain should NEVER be part of getting fit. Sore muscles, yes. Pain, no. If you experience pain during or after class, it could be from improper/old shoes or a form issue. Speak to an instructor or email Misty your concerns.

Do you do private Zumba parties?
Yes! We LOVE hosting birthday parties, bachelorette parties, girls' nights out, you name it! Classes can be customized to your preference based on instructor availability. Get more party info

Do you teach corporate classes?
Yes! Our instructors do a great job making co-workers feel comfortable working out together. Get booking info

Maximizing Your Workout

How do I choose the right workout pace?
Our brains tend to say "stop" when our bodies are ready, willing and able to keep going, so use the talk/sing test to decide if you're working at, below or above the right pace for YOU!

  • If you can't talk, slow down
  • If you can, it's a good pace
  • If you can sing, kick it up a notch