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Online workouts for the body and mind with personal trainer Sabatino Verlezza and co-host Pilates instructor Charis Haines.


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Online workout to wake up your best self, inside and out

WAKE UP your BEST SELF, Inside & Out




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WAKE UP is YOUR TIME to “shake up” the outside to “wake up” the inside because getting a GREAT WORKOUT is one of the BEST WAYS ways to FEEL HAPPIER on the inside. 

In less than 15 minutes, personal trainer Sabatino and pilates guru Charis will


WAKE UP your MIND (2 min. Warm Up)
As you warm up your body, Sabatino wakes up your mind with a positive message about an important topic.


WAKE UP your BODY (7 min. Full Body Workout)
No more talking, this is ALL about getting a killer workout to make you physically stronger AND help you let go of any thoughts, feelings and emotions weighing you down.


WAKE UP your HEART (Guided Meditation/Reflection)
You’ve conquered your workout, now it’s time to relax, close your eyes and reconnect to the most beautiful, authentic and important part of you - your heart. Sabatino circles back to the topic from the warm up, using it as a way to remind us all of our shared humanity and suggest ways each of us can make a positive difference in our own unique way.


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