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M Dance & Fitness Hall of Fame

M Dance is SO more than just a place to work out. After 7 YEARS it’s a true community that feels like home.

This page celebrates our AMAZING students' AMAZING milestones. If you’ve been at M Dance for 1+ years, find your name in the ANNIVERSARY SECTION to see how close you are to hitting 100, 250 or 500 classes.

We’ll update the lists April 1, 2018. Keep coming to stay/be added.

Blue Circle  M Dance Class Clubs Blue Circle
# Classes Attended

500+ Classes Taken
250+ Classes Taken
M Dance 100 Club
100+ Classes Taken

To be posted Thursday, 11/23

Blue Circle  M Dance Anniversaries  Blue Circle
# Years Taking Class

5-7 Years

3-4 Years

* = revised class count 7:45pm 11/9/17
1-2 Years

* = revised class count 7:45pm 11/9/17