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Fun Friendly NYC Fitness

Zumba, Hip Hop, Barre & More

Fun Beginner Friendly Fitness Classes

You'll never get bored with so many classes to choose from -- Zumba, Hip Hop, Burlesque, HIIT and more.

Don't worry if you've never taken a dance class in your life or can't remember the last time you worked out. Everyone at M Dance will be welcoming, friendly and focused on having FUN, not checking you out. This is truly a judgement-free place.

  • "The workouts are SUPER fun and I actually look forward to them (this is coming from the LAZIEST person ever in this world).

  • "Its a true place of happiness amidst a hectic, crazed-pace, sometimes, aloof city. Its the best thing about living in NYC!"

  • "The instructors are super supportive and encouraging and make you feel good!"

New Client Deal

3 Week Unlimited Pass

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New clients only. Package expires 21 days from first class, which must be taken within 10 days of purchase. Unlimited classes subject to availability. No extensions. Class schedule subject to change. Must preregister for each class and early cancel reservations you can’t use. Early cancel is 8 hours prior to class M-F, 24 hours S-Su. Max 3 late cancels/no shows (combined, not each.) 1 day deducted from expiration date for each additional late cancel/no show. 

Blue Circle  Dance Cardio Blue Circle 

Zumba, Hip Hop, LaBlast,
Dance Cardio Combo, Dance
Mix, Throwback Dance Party

Follow-along style with explanations provided as needed. 3-4 basic steps/song. Great for beginners!

Blue Circle  Dance Cardio Blue Circle

+ Routine

Dance CHOREO Cardio
Hip Hop/Burlesque Cardio

Enjoy 35-40 minutes of follow-along style dance cardio + learn a fun dance routine. NO dance experience needed.

The artist for Dance CHOREO routines changes monthly. In January, you’ll learn a routine to an NSYNC song! February is Fergie month.

Blue Circle  Dance Cardio Blue Circle


Dance Cardio POWER (HIIT)

High intensity interval training is the fastest way to change your body. Dance cardio + short bursts of HIIT. Not for absolute beginners.

Blue Circle  Dance Cardio Blue Circle

+ Strength

Dance Cardio STRENGTH

1/2 follow along dance cardio + 1/2 fun and beginner-friendly strength building exercises.

Blue Circle  Dance Cardio Blue Circle

+ Toning

Dance Cardio TONE

Dance cardio w/ toning moves targeting abs, arms and legs/booty built into the choreography.

Blue Circle  Strength Blue Circle

(Low Impact)

Beginner PiYo
PiYo Live

Mat-based upper body strength and low impact cardio workout. 2 levels to choose from.

Blue Circle  Toning  Blue Circle

(Low Impact)

“No-Barre" Bootcamp
Better Buns & Guns

Improve upper and lower body tone, plus improve posture, core stability and balance.

Alet Swing Musical Theater Cardio 2015_copy

Class Descriptions
(Alphabetical order)

See New Client FAQs for more of what to expect in our classes.

“No-Barre" Bootcamp
(NO experience needed) Tone arms, abs and legs/booty + improve balance and core awareness with a mix of floor and center exercises. No mat needed unless you just don’t like being on the floor.

Beginner PiYo
(Mat required. Please bring your own.) Recommended for beginners to mat-based workouts. Includes more explanation and slower transitions than regular PiYo Live.

Better Buns & Guns
Kickboxing and squats for tight buns of steel. Punches and other killer (in a good way!) toning exercises for super sculpted arms.

Dance Cardio Combo
Equal mix of latin, kickbox and hip hop cardio

Dance Cardio POWER (HIIT)
Dance cardio + 3 short (2-3 min. ea) but highly effective bursts of tabata-style HIIT (high intensity interval training.)

Dance Cardio STRENGTH
1/2 classic dance cardio + 1/2 beginner friendly body-weight strength training that's also fun because it's choreographed to the beat of the music. Knee cushion provided. No mat needed unless you just don't like being on the floor.

Dance Cardio TONE

All the fun of dance cardio + toning moves built into the choreography. Divided into 3 sections--abs, arms and legs/booty.

Dance CHOREO Cardio
(NO experience needed) 35-40 minutes mixed dance cardio styles + learn a routine inspired by one of your favorite pop star videos.

Dance Mix Cardio
Dance cardio workout with a mix of dance styles and music genre. (No kickboxing)

Hip Hop/Burlesque Cardio
(NO experience required) 35-40 minutes of hip hop dance cardio + a hot burlesque routine.

Hip Hop Cardio
Like Zumba, but hip hop/pop.

LaBlast© Ballroom Dance Cardio
Created by Louis Van Amstel of Dancing with the Stars, you’ll enjoy a mix of music/dance styles -- Disco, Cha Cha, Jive, Salsa, Samba and more!

PiYo Live by Beachbody
(Mat required. Please bring you own.) A fat burning, core-firming, upper body strengthing workout. Prerequisites: Downward dog, plank.

Tap Cardio (Coming later '17) 

Follow along style, like Zumba with tap shoes. Prerequisite: flap, shuffle, irish, time step, etc.

Throwback Dance Party
Follow-along style similar to Zumba. Each class is divided into 3-4 decades, featuring the top 3-4 hits from each one, so there’s something for everyone!


The classic of all classic dance cardio classes. Salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaegon & more.