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Fun Friendly NYC Fitness

Zumba, Hip Hop, Barre & More

Fun Beginner Friendly Fitness Classes

You'll never get bored with so many classes to choose from -- Zumba, Hip Hop, Barre, HIIT and more.

Don't worry if you've never taken a dance class in your life or can't remember the last time you worked out.

Everyone at M Dance is friendly and focused on having FUN, not checking you out. It’s truly a judgement-free place.

"Its a true place of happiness amidst a hectic, crazed-pace, sometimes, aloof city.
Its the best thing about living in NYC!"

 Blue Circle  Classes by Category  Blue Circle 

Dance Cardio

M Dance CARDIO Combo, Zumba, Hip Hop,
Hip Hop Burlesque

Dance Cardio + Strength/Tone

M Dance Cardio BURN, M Dance Cardio CORE

Dance Cardio + HIIT

M Dance Cardio POWER (HIIT)

Toning (Low Impact)

Abs & Buns Buster
Hottilates Barre TM

Strength (Low Impact)

PiYo Live

Metabolic Conditioning

Game Changer


Blue Circle  Class Descriptions  Blue Circle 

M Dance Signature Cardio

M Dance CARDIO Combo
Cardio focused class. Variety of music and movement style(s) based on the instructors' choice, so every class is different.

M Dance Cardio CORE
*No floor work*
Dance cardio (mix of styles) + 4 killer core intervals -- standing crunches, rotations, obliques and balance.

M Dance Cardio BURN
*Minimal floor. Cushion provided*
Dance cardio (mix of styles) + 4 targeted intervals for lower and upper body strength/tone.

M Dance Cardio POWER (HIIT)
Dance cardio + 3 short (2-3 min) high intensity interval training (HIIT) bursts. Recommneded for those already doing cardio 2-3x/wk consistently.

Additional Cardio

The classic of all classic dance cardio classes. Salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaegon & more.

Hip Hop Cardio
Like Zumba, but hip hop/pop.

Hip Hop/Burlesque Cardio
35-40 minutes of hip hop dance cardio + a short beginner-friendly burlesque routine. No dance experience needed. It's a safe place to let your sexy out!

Low Impact Strength/Tone

Abs & Buns Buster
*Some floor. Cushion provided*
50/50 abs and booty workout using gliders and pilates balls.

Hottilates Barre TM
A FUN and beginner friendly fusion of pilates, barre and ballet to tone arms, legs, booty and abs.

PiYo Live by Beachbody
*Mat based. Bring your own*
A fat burning, core-firming, strengthening workout. Prereq.: Downward dog, plank.

Pure Fitness
(No Dancing)

Game Changer (Metabolic Conditioning)
*Some floor. Cushion provided*
Condition your body from head to toe with 4 timed circuits (go at your own pace) for cardio, stamina, lower body, upper body. Great for busting out of a fitness plateau! Movements can be modified based on your fitness level, but this class is designed to push your stamina, so be ready.

New Client Deal

3 Week Unlimited Pass

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New clients only. Package expires 21 days from first class, which must be taken within 10 days of purchase. Unlimited classes subject to availability. No extensions. Class schedule subject to change. Must preregister for each class and early cancel reservations you can’t use. Early cancel is 8 hours prior to class M-F, 24 hours S-Su. Max 3 late cancels/no shows (combined, not each.) 1 day deducted from expiration date for each additional late cancel/no show.