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Fun Friendly NYC Fitness 

Zumba, Masala Bhangra, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Pilates Mat & MORE! 




Fitness isn't just about appearance. Neither are we.TM 


If you've been searching for a place to feel like you fit in,

you've found it. Beginners welcome!


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Perfect for busy New Yorkers! Learn to eat healthy even on your busiest days without feeling deprived. It's all about options, not restrictions!




Misty Clark


Hi there & welcome!                                                     


I'm Misty, the owner of M Dance & Fitness. 


If you've been sitting on the sidelines wishing for a place to feel like YOU FIT IN, you found it!


We're a diverse community of strong, independent, fun-loving, REAL women (plus our beloved Sabatino & the occasional brave guy) who enjoy spending our well-deserved “me-time” dancing, sweating, laughing (mostly at ourselves) and reminding each other that who we are on the inside is what really counts.


You'll enjoy a wide variety of classes taught at convenient Manhattan locations by supportive, approachable instructors who'll know your name in no time. And you won't be packed in like sardines. We limit class sizes to make sure everyone has plenty of room to move!


You don't have to take our word for it. Check out our 5 star reviews on Yelp


Every class is a JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE--that means no judging yourself either!


So, what are you wating for? Join the FUN!